VOI VOI RAKKAUS means “No, no Love” in Finnish. It is founded by the highly acclaimed Japanese hair stylist Ko Hasegawa.

To hide from the busy streets of Hong Kong, Voi Voi Rakkaus offers you a relaxing time and an exciting experience into the voyage of beauty and style. Our professional stylists bring in greater awareness to hair care, using Japanese equipment and chemicals (products) for perming, coloring and styling.

Artistic Director Ko Hasegawa

Ko Hasegawa had worked at one of the famous Japanese salons in Aoyama Tokyo for 16 years. During that time, he had done several projects on TV, magazines, hair shows and radio. From 2004 to 2006, Ko was a regular stylist on a TV program for a makeover reality show that transforms housewives to look like actresses or singers together with fashion designer Don Konishi and other makeup artists. As an accomplished stylist in Tokyo, Ko had worked with many celebrities, singers, actresses, politicians, stage directors and visual artists. Among them, Ms Lien Fang Murata (蓮舫), former Minister of State for Special Missions in Japan, had been Ko’s customer for more than 10 years.